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  • Mark Royston

Summer Weddings in Savannah Tips

Planning a summer wedding in the Savannah / Lowcountry area? Yes, it can get hot here, but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from having the summer wedding of your dreams! Below are a few professional tips for your summer wedding:

1. Choose a venue that is inside or at least has

an inside & outside option.

2. If your venue is all outside, rent some fans, provide hand held fans and / or rent AC units. Also, have your team of wedding vendors utilize any natural shade when setting up the wedding.

3. Keep the dress code light & remind guests about sunblock!

4. Choose a lighter menu and have a ton of water stocked. You can even make the water fancy by adding fruit that matches your wedding colors!

5. Chat with your professional florist about what flowers work best for the summer heat.

6. Hand out sunglasses as a guest favor.

7. Chat with your hair and makeup artist about the best sweat proof makeup!

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