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  • Mark Royston

5 Ways to Save a Little Money When Planning a Wedding

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

  1. Get married in "off season". Some venues and vendors offer discounts during "off season". Different locations will have different peak seasons, so check with your planner to see when peak and off seasons are for your venue location.

  2. Get married during the week, or on a Friday or Sunday. Same as above, some venues and vendors offer discounts for weddings that are not on Saturdays.

  3. Hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. They know the vendors, venues, and can actually end up saving you money.

  4. Set up a budget tracker (we provide one to all our clients). That way you can track your expenses and not accidentally go over your budget.

  5. Prioritize. Work with your partner and wedding planner / coordinator and prioritize what are your must haves for your wedding day.

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