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About Us

In March 2010, I was lucky enough to become the Weddings And Events Planner for two of Savannah's premier private venues; 10 Downing and Winston's Wine Cellar. It’s crucial to me that each and every person who reaches out to us knows that their plans, ideas and vision are as important to us as to themselves. No phone-call or email goes more than a few hours without a response. I'm honored you thought to contact us, and you'll receive an enthusiastic reply as soon as humanly possible !

 As our reviews poured in, so did the sheer volume of bookings. In 2015, my wife Meg came aboard and we expanded our level of service. By the Spring of 2018, we’d been trusted to plan, coordinate and host in excess of 600 Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners and other resplendent events in our two popular venues.


With the recent addition of three more key professionals, we’ve chosen to broaden our horizons beyond just two venues and are now planning and hosting Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners and other Exclusive Private Events throughout beautiful Savannah.


With an unrivaled attention to detail, complete understanding of what is required to turn a person's dream into reality and a vast network of connections throughout the City, you'll see why people are saying what they are about Elegant Savannah Weddings. Contact us today to share what you have in mind for your special occasion !

   Mark  Royston